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Full Version: [Request] GA-H55M-UD2H Rev1.3 to support xeon x3430
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Hi, i have a gigabyte GA-H55M-UD2H rev 1.3 with bios F11 and the board supports some Lynnfield b1 xeon chips (X3480/X3450/L3426), so i bought a cheapĀ X3430 (Lynnfield B1 2.4Ghz 8Mb) to replace my pentium G6950.

When i install the xeon and press power botton, fans spin for half a second and stop in an endless loop, the processor doesn't even get warm, by my experience with amd boards the board should boot and at worst case show a warning message "unknown processor", at this point i don't know if i have a bad CPU or this is the normal behavior for unknown CPUS at intel platforms, the bios is an 8Mb file Award V6.00PG according to Award slic mod v1.37

Unfortunately i don't have other mainboard to test the CPU, Can anyone update the microcode of the bios to add compatibillity with the X3430?
Don't worry if the board gets bricked as i have an external programmer and proper tools if something goes really wrong.

Bios download link:

Thanks in advance.
This BIOS has microcode for X3430 (CPUID=106E5): version - 0x04, date - 04/05/2010.
You can try to flash BIOS F9 but I think your Xeon is dead.
That's what i thought, if you install a non compatible CPU in intel platforms, the board should keep the fans spinning but it wouldn't post at all, right?