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Full Version: [Solved] Help needed. gen 7 support required in bios.
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I have a configuration but in this state the Mobo is not supporting gen 7 Cpu without bios update.
I dont have nor i can find any gen 6 cpu in my town ( its a backward town with no realy IT support ) or 50 miles around so i can update bios. 
I however have a bios programmer and i can program bios in bin or rom format.
The bios for this mobo is not working with my programmer. 

The details: 
mobo = MSI H110M-pro D
bios link = Latest bios also attached
CPU = i5 7400
programmer i use is for windbond 25x Screenshot of programmer

I cant find anywhere online bios in the format that i can flash it with my tool. I think  that this bios from website is encapsulated ( i have read up a little ) so when i flash it i receive an error "Software and destination are in disagreement" i can only imagine that this means the bios i try to flash is not passing checksum or something. 

Please help i have this configuration for the last month and cant boot it up...
Thanks in advance.

PS If i made a post that is not according to the rules or wrong topic it is only due to the level of desperation i am in. I hope you understand.
What's BIOS chip? How did you connect the programmer to it? Can you read a content of BIOS chip?
(05-02-2017, 11:16 AM)DeathBringer Wrote: [ -> ]What's BIOS chip? How did you connect the programmer to it?

Winbond w25x64 it is soldered i have that Pincers that connect to pins and it is a USB programmer.
you can see the info also on the screenshot i have posted in the FP
Show the good foto of BIOS chip.
Did you erased chip before writing?
Ahh its on the shop. Ok tomorow but its very small dunno if you will see anything
I need full label.
What's version of CH341A Programmer?
I will have to check that when i get to the shop also sorry cant get anything out of my head.

btw this is the best image i could get online just as a reference model of the mobo im talking about.

Please reread my questions.
I have a backup of original bios done with programmer
Show it.
Can you flash it back?
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