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Full Version: MS-7255 p4m890 vt8732a
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Hi Smile

I wonder if I can make this Medion PC go faster/upgrade.
Suspect that the memory stick should be equal Dodgy

Board: MS-7255
Chipset: P4M890
Southbridge: VT8732A

Anyone got an idea? Huh
Please make BIOS backup by Universal BIOS Backup ToolKit 2.0
You can try to install Q6600 -
But without guarantee.
BTW: BIOS for Medion PC -
Thanks man you`re the best Big Grin

I bought the bios with the latest version on biosflash. If anybody has the same board and read this, you can take the bios chip out with a extraction tool for PLCC and replace it if you are afraid of bricking it. There should be a lot of bords out there where you can swap the bios chips.