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Full Version: Shutlle SX79R5 + Intel Xeon E5 -2670 v2 ES
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Hey guys,

I would like a little help from Bios gurus.

I've got a Shuttle SX79R5 and a E5 2670 v2 ES QDNR

Unfortunately I don't have another LGA 2011 CPU to test it but I'm pretty sure the issue comes from the CPU wich might be dead or the microcode missing from the bios.

The computer start, screens stays black. 

From the seller, the bios should be the latest from Shuttle wich is SX79R000.201

Could one of you check if the microcode is missing ? 
ES CPU with sSpec=QDNR has CPUID=0x306E2.
This BIOS has microcode for CPUID=0x306E2: version 0x20C, date 01/16/2013.
Thanks a lot Deathbringer. I really appreciate.

Might be an issue with ram or the CPU itself.