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Full Version: Intel Desktop board DQ67SW, Intel Xeon 1240 V2
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Hi Everyone,

I have a Intel Desktop Board, DQ67SW. General mobo information can be found here:

The mother board is confirmed working along with the cpu in question.

CPU: Xeon 1240 v2
CPU Info:

I'm unable to get the system to boot, I know this board will take the 1220 without issue but the 1240 doesn't seem to beep or do anything.

The bios I'm using can be found right from Intel website:

I'm hoping you guys can help me get my small build running Smile

My friend wanted his 1220 back and my little I5 doesn't have the horses Smile

What's sSpec of your friend's Xeon 1220.
(05-27-2017, 01:59 AM)DeathBringer Wrote: [ -> ]What's sSpec of your friend's Xeon 1220.

Hi DeathBringer:

The 1220 was a 99.9% sure:

I also find it interesting how the 1240 v2 is listed under this site:
I think it was SR00F with Sandy Bridge core.
Ivy Bridge isn't supported by this motherboard.
Is the difference between v1 and v2 - sandy vs ivy? Is so - the 1220 was a V2. Did I just get lucky? Smile
I need txt report of CPU-Z with E3-1220 v2 & DQ67SW.