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Full Version: Toshiba Satelite Pro L650-1CH cpu upgrade
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Hi, i've a dead motherboard of a Toshiba L650-1MN i want to replace it so i bought anotherone with the same board-code as my 650-1MN. 
I also plan to bought a new CPU for this motherboard (he has a socket), at the moment, i've a Pentium P6000 low cost CPU, and i want to buy a I7 640M for best performance (for gaming too, i know now this board can't play new games but from 2011-2016 it's perfect, it will be perfect for travel etc ..) (for recent games i've my FX8320 with r9 290 ^^)

My L650-1MN has a HM55 chipset, i think it's the same for L650-1CH 
this chipset say this processor is compatible but, i've a question, will the bios accept it ? i don't find another L6XX toshiba with a I7 cpu.

I got the bios from the L650-1CH, can somewone check if the I7 640M microcode is present in the bios ?

Link of the bios :

Thank you and sorry if my english is bad, i'm french :|.
This BIOS has support for all CPUs with Arrandale core.
Greats ! Thank you Wink