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Full Version: Hp Proliant G7 DL120 - CPU support request (now with aida64 report)
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I have a Proliant G7 dl120 server which has a LGA1155 socket.
I currently have a E3 1220 xeon (2nd gen) and I am planning to upgrade it, I would like to upgrade to a V2 xeon processor, specifically the Xeon e3 1270 V2. (3rd gen)
The BIOS changelog makes no mention of a BIOS update to support 3rd generation CPUs.
The chipset is C204 and it does support 3rd generation****

I have no information on the company that made the BIOS unless it was HP themselves. The motherboard has a backup BIOS so there is "less" risk of me bricking my motherboard entirely. Could anyone update the microcode to the BIOS? or point me in the right direction to do it myself? 
BIOS link is here, its under windows server 2012 R2, and its the second link in the BIOS section. BIOS also attached

If anyone wants more information, I can link it here, I'm just not sure what's relevant, or if you want me to research something, ask away.

I did a Aida64 report and copied the relevant information to a txt file which is attached

**** found an article saying that the C204 chipset does support 3rd gen...

tried to find a bios with ivybridge;
the G8 proliant series of servers support 3rd gen (V2 xeons) and the BIOS for the closest equivalent G8 version of mine is found here; (not sure how relvant it is)
however the downloads are locked.. its still under warranty so HP still want money ;(
(06-05-2017, 03:05 AM)PlanetEater Wrote: [ -> ]Could anyone update the microcode to the BIOS? or point me in the right direction to do it myself? 
Adding microcode doesn't add support for new CPUs.
Attached BIOS hasn't support for Ivy Bridge core.
Okay, thank you for your response, 
is it possible to add support, is there a method?
It's too difficult and too expensive work.
Is there an approach? If so how would you go about it 

There is no universal method for it.
Pay the manufacturer to help you.