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Full Version: General Microcode Question
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This is my first post here so please be gentle.

Does the following microcode revision contain support for the i5-2500K SR008?

CPUID=206A7 Rev=26 2012/01/25 CRC=A798B659 Off=15FE60 Size=2400 Plat=1,4
I was hoping you wouldn't say that.
My Mobo beeps 4 times when I install it.
What's motherboard? Have you other CPU?
Biostar BIB75-M2T

It works fine with my G850
Test your i5-2500K on other motherboard.
Thanks for all the quick replies!
Have a great weekend!
DeathBringer the CPU works perfectly in Asus motherboard.
What would cause it to not work in my biostar motherboard?
No ideas.
Ok thanks