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Full Version: [SOLVED] BIOS CPU upgrade DELL Optiplex XE SSF for XEON X3323
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I try to boot up the Optiplex XE SFF with new Xeon x3323.
Bios at at startup signalls "Unsupported CPU" but after F1 procced to go.
Win10 at first starts, then after few reboot hangs at start up and never go ahead.
Fans very laud - never happen with C2D, core temp. 45-50 deg C. 

Once win start Monitor shows just 2 cores instead of 4.

I compared latest Dell bios A5 in hex editor (HDR) and seems it has included microcodes wich support Xeon's
downloaded from
but as mentioned Bios at start up signal "Unsupported CPU".....

What to change? Where is bug? Wrong microcodes?

YES max TDP which support optiplex XE is 65W. TDP for X3323 is 80w but I think it can pass...

Chipset Q45/Q43 rev 03
[Image: 2w2hkc0.png]

CPU current  C2D E7400@ 2,8GHz
[Image: 2d19umt.png]

Expected CPU XEON x3323
SLB05 2,5GHZ/6M/1333
LOT: 3924A324

Microcodes taken from

CPU-Z After install X3323.
[Image: 282jbwo.png]

Windows after change CPU starts, after reboot fail.
Windows 10 doesnt automatically update changing CPU
Please help.

Thanks in advance!

Post screenshots of first (CPU) & third (Mainboard) tabs of CPU-Z with x3323.
No, full report of CPU-Z with X3323 is needed.
Try to flash this BIOS mod.
BTW: it's SLBC5, not SLB05.
OMG. Works perfect!

Win10 starts well, detect & shows new CPU all 4 cores!.

Thanks a lot!!!

I'll keep testing.

Where to post new BIOS for community?
Please post new topic in Confirmed CPU Support Upgrades with attached zip-file with BIOS mod. Dead links to Google Disk is the problem on this forum.