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Full Version: Solved: Asus P5P43TD Bios with XEON Microcodes
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Hello everybody,
i try to upgrade my Asus P5P43TD Motherboard from Q9300 to XEON E5450.
I just have a Mod-Bios (see in Link) for this Motherboard with SLIC 2.1 but without the XEON Microcodes.

Does have anyone of you a 0511 Bios with Slic 2.1 and XEON Microcodes for the Asus P5P43TD Motherboard?

Or can someone paste the microcodes into this bios?

Mod-Bios with SLIC 2.1!iMdHHCDI

Quote:Key: !MZaGmiL787k1QBh-gWBhTrgDjjeBxqAVrKjI9XPdCfA

Thanks for help!
wow that was fast help
Thank you for help! Smile