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Full Version: MSI X99A-Raider CPU support request
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Hello, I'm running BIOS P5  and can't for the life of me get this Xeon E5 2666-v3 ES (QFSC) running on it. I dont have another 2011-3 board to test on, not sure how you do the microcode thing. any assistance would be appreciated
Post screenshots of first (CPU) & third (Mainboard) tabs of CPU-Z with supported CPU.
Make a good photo of your Xeon.
Cpu of E5 2666v3 ES (not working) info here
Xeon photo:
CPU-Z CPU of E5 2648L ES (working):
CPU-Z motherboard:

Thanks for the quick reply!
Try other official versions of BIOS. All of them have microcode for CPUID=0x306F1&0x306F2.
Just to confirm, that hex (CPUID=0x306F1&0x306F2) is for the E5 2666v3 ES that I can't seem to get working, correct? Meaning odds are this CPU is DOA? I've tried every version of the BIOS available to me, thats why I came to you guys. Smile
I don't know if your screenshot is valid.
But CPU has CPUID=0x306F2 on it. And use microcode version 0x38. BIOS P.5 has the same version.