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Full Version: ECS 865PE-A7 (V1.0) Cedar Mill support
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Hello, is it please possible to mod BIOS for ECS 865PE-A7 (V1.0) board in order to support P4 cpu with cedar mill core? This first revision 865PE-A7 motherboard supports prescotts up to 3.8 GHz and 115W TDP, but there is no cedar mill support.
Later revision of this board (V5.0) supports cedar mill but also dualcore Pentium-D CPU (smithfield/presler). I'm not after dualcore support, but faster P4 with lower TDP and heat is what I would like to use.

Motherboard Make/Model: ECS 865PE-A7 (V1.0)
Original bios I would like to mod:
CPU spec code: SL9KE (

BIOS from later revision of motherboard (V5.0) that should contain needed microcode: