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Full Version: Upgrade from P8700 to Q9100
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Hi I have a problem with my new Intel Core 2 Quad Q9100 - 2.26 GHz (AW80581GH051003) SLB5G CPU Prozessor 1066MHz.
My Laptop Satellite L555-10N PSLW8E with Intel® Core™2 Duo Prozessor P8700, doesn´t recognize him.
Toshiba Screen is shown but then it´s frozen, i can´t get to the Bios.
Bios: 1.90-WIN 2660 Wed May 12 08:54:00 BST 2010 Toshiba.
Mainboard: Toshiba KTWAA 1.00 Chipset: Intel GM45/GM47 Rev. 07 Southbridge: Intel 82801IM (ICH9-M) Rev. 03.

Is there a way to mod the Bios?

Thank you for reading.
This isn't BIOS problem.
But you can try the motherboard's mod for quad cores CPU supporting (without guarantee for success):

[Image: quadcore-pinsy1dm5.jpg]
[Image: sockelt6126e71.jpg]
Ok I broke the pins from the Q9100, now the laptop starts for one sec. no screen and it shut down.
(07-19-2017, 01:02 PM)DeathBringer Wrote: [ -> ]...without guarantee for success...
Show a photo of CPU with broken pins.
Well, no more ideas.
So i thought today test the cpu again. I broke some pins from an old cpu to stick them into the sockel where i have broke them from the Q9100. I don´t know if all pins connected or some not, but the laptop starts. In Bios i saw the Q9100.
Then i got a Bluescreen, in save mode windows doesn´t even starts.
I went into the Bios and disabled: Intel Dynamic Acceleration Mode. After that all is fine.
Windows starts and Cpuz shows me all cpus.

The Temperatur is a problem i run the cpus at 100% for some min. T>100°C. I stopped it bevor i damage something. At 50% for all cpus T=75-80 °C.

I think i will test a cooling rib, glue it next to the copper where the cpu is. Or any other idears?
So TDP=45W is too much for this laptop.