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Full Version: [Request] Samsung Serie 5 NP532U3C BIOS mod
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I flashed the BIOS of my Samsung NP532U3C-A01 for the most recent P13ABH (P09ABH at start, file that I put with this post). Unfortunately, this new BIOS is highly restrictive. I can't disable Secure Boot (I'm a GNU/Linux user... bad luck, and I need to modify ACPI for eGPU purpose) and downgrade of BIOS is not possible with SFlash64 (ERROR 182 - BIOS image is equal or older than ROM!) with no options available in the actual BIOS to fix the problem. I tried with UEFI Winphlash and get an other message : "driver fail while locating SMM service"

I'm here to ask if someone's magic can modify the P13ABH BIOS to fix my problems please (Secure Boot / Flashing the BIOS). I uploaded the file in attachment with this post.

If it's not possible, I'm searching to rollback on P09ABH if possible, with no luck at the moment.

Thanks a lot !