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Full Version: T520 - What will it take for Ivy Bridge support?
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From what I understand, attempting to patch in Ivy Bridge support on XX20 series Thinkpads (or any 67 series chipset) appears to involve a lot of complexity.

I've heard you have to update the microcode, VBIOS, VGA switch statement, and multiple modules (even the management engine blob.) But did anyone fully figure out all of the modifications you would need to do in order to have Ivy Bridge on something like a T520?

It almost sounded like you just needed to update the microcode for Ivy Bridge CPUs, up the VBIOS to something like 2170, and fix the HD3000/HD4000 switching statement. However, as all work stopped, I get the feeling some ran into a terrible roadblock.

I don't want Coreboot, it's far too limited, and has other issues associated with it...

I'd be fine paying for this provided the price isn't too ridiculous, and said BIOS modifications can be applied to the X220, T420, and T520 as well (I'd imagine you figure out the T520, the other two should be cake.)