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Full Version: Dell E1505 - need help with SpeedStep and clock multiplier
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i have an Dell Inspiron E1505 laptop using MM061A17 BIOS and i upgraded the cpu from a weak T1300 single core 1.6ghz to a decent dual core T7600 2.3ghz. the laptop runs great while plugged in but crashes almost instantly while on battery and will endlessly restart either loading Windows or during POST. disabling Intel SpeedStep in the BIOS fixes this issue but forces the cpu multiplier at its lowest so its not only at 1ghz. there are no changeable settings for CPU or memory

i need help either forcing the multiplier at its highest when SpeedStep is disabled or another alternative fix that im not aware of. the T7600 runs a multiplier of 6 to 14 and if its locked at 14 would be fine

BIOS link is here

[Image: 0SJPM7E.jpg]
Tell sSpec of your T7600.
And make a screenshot of regedit with expanded key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\HARDWARE\DESCRIPTION\System\CentralProcessor\0
hmm... i bought and installed it about 2 years ago from ebay. the title does have SL9SD but i cant guarantee thats actually it. if need be i can disassembe it and find out for sure if its needed

heres the reg
(09-15-2017, 08:54 AM)Kingfish999 Wrote: [ -> ]the title does have SL9SD ... if need be i can disassembe it...
Well. It's not very necessary now.
What happens when you boot up with plugged power adapter (with enabled SpeedStep) and then disconnect it?
Instant freeze. Doing a hard restart makes it endlessly crash at different points of loading. Sometimes right after Windows loads, sometimes while loading Windows, sometimes before finishing POST
Try to use ThrottleStop to change a multiplier from Windows with disabled SpeedStep and unplugged power adapter.
with Speedstep in BIOS and in ThrottleStop disabled, changing the multiplier setting takes no affect. it apparently needs Speedstep to be enabled in order to adjsut it. with it power adapter plugged in and Speedstep enabled in ThrottleStop, i can adjsut the multiplier no problem

with some experimentation of ThrottleStop, i can enable SpeedStep as long as the multiplier is at 6. i been trying to test how high i can set the multiplier before it crashes. it seems around 12 i start to run into issues of crash/restart. but ive only l tested each multiplier below that for a short time so stability is unkown. the voltage i left at 1.250v which is what it uses at 14. i cant set it any higher but since it handles it plugged in i assume its high enough. when its at that voltage while on battery, the laptop does make a quiet buzzing noise as if struggling but i have no seen evidence that its an issue, adjsuting the voltage down quiets it down so im assuming its normal noise.

at least with this program i can leave Speedstep off in BIOS to boot. then if plugged in i can force the multiplier up or adjsut down when on battery. even if im stuck at 10 or so its still much better than 6. thats still 60% faster. i appreciate the help so far. even if i cant fix this completely, its still getting me much farther than i have in the 2 years i had this issue.
Post a screenshot HWMonitor with expanded node Battery.
left is my 'good' battery which is aftermaket and suppose to be a 7800mAH/87Wh. right is a 'standard' genuine Dell battery bought from old stock rated at 5200mAh/58Wh
So it's motherboard's problem. Sad
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