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Full Version: CPU Compatibility Satellite L675D-S7103
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Hello, i own a toshiba satellite L675D-S7103 which has a AMD M880G chipset as listed in the pdf info provided by the manufacturer , on cpu-z it is written : Chipset --> AMD 785GX  Southbridge ---> AMD SB850. i am pretty sure the socket is s1g4. it has a AMD Athlon II P340 mounted at the moment.  working with the latest bios from toshiba :  ACPI Flash BIOS version 1.70 for Satellite L670D/L675D (PSK3JU)Posted Date: 2016-08-24 | Version: 1.70 | Size: 3.86M  
I want to upgrade the cpu to a AMD Phenom II N660 or AMD Phenom II X3 N870  so i am gonna be jumping from 25w to 35w. 
1) Is a new fan and a good-quality thermal paste gonna do the trick for the heat?
2) Can i upgrate the cpu just by changing it or will it gonna need modded bios?
(I have seen some people succesfully doing it without new bios on some toshiba satellite L... but intel based.

Thanks in advance
1) I don't think so.
2) I think they can run with native BIOS.