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Full Version: [REQUEST] Bios Unlock For OC, Dell Optiplex gx280
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hey i need a hacked bios for a dell optiplex gx280 so i can overclock my p4 3.06ghz can anybody help me please?
hi, i have a old dell pc and im wondering if theres a way to overclock it, i tried using clockgen/setfsb but that didnt work,
is there a way to overclock by unlocking the bios etc ? can someone please help me.

help would be appreciated!
I also have gx280. I would like a mod where I can at least watch the cpu temperature.
All I have is the logs which tell me there was a thermal event. I want to test it in a better way 'cause the cpu doesn't feels hot to me. I suspect my temperature sensor is not working well.

Thanks for any help (: