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Full Version: Acer 7750g with I7 SR0V0
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I have a laptop Acer 7750g with motherboard P7YEO LA-6911P with Insyde BIOS.

I wanted to upgrade the CPU from i3 to I7 quad SR0V0 (Ivy Bridge). But after installing the new CPU I have a black screen at power up. Fan start, no hhd activity, no keyboard response.

When I put back the bulk I3 CPU the system start fine. I have the latest BIOS version (1.21) and I would like to know if it possible to mod this BIOS to update microcode to support SR0V0 CPU ?

Thanks for your help Wink
Post screenshots of first (CPU) & third (Mainboard) tabs of CPU-Z with native CPU.
(09-23-2017, 07:55 AM)DeathBringer Wrote: [ -> ]Post screenshots of first (CPU) & third (Mainboard) tabs of CPU-Z with native CPU.

Thank for your help DeathBringer !

The CPU tab :

[Image: 7750g-cpu.png]

and the motherboard tab !

[Image: 7750g-mobo.png]

I also have some tools to mod the BIOS (InsydeH2OEZE) but I don't know how to inject or find CPU microcode.
Your laptop is based on HM65 chipset. It doesn't support CPUs with Ivy Bridge core.
Adding new microcode doesn't add support for new CPUs.
Argh bad news ! Strange to make a CPU with same PGA socket but not compatible with the motherboard.