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Full Version: [Request] HP DX2250 MS-7297 supporting phenomII and/or athlonII dual core cpus
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Hey i was hoping i could get someone to mod the bios for my msi ms-7297 oem motherboard so that it supports the 45nm athlonII dual cores that have no l3 cache, and if possible the phenomII dual cores as well which do have l3 cache. im pretty sure its an insyde bios but it could be pheonix
Post screenshots of first (CPU) & third (Mainboard) tabs of CPU-Z with supported CPU.
[Image: 15q9g0y.jpg][Image: 4m8ad.jpg][Image: 2dvvcph.jpg]
didn't mean to post the same pic 3 times. The motherboard does have a tdp of 95w im pretty sure, and it is a pheonix-award bios. The motherboard does have a ram limit of 2gb as well if that is something software can change, and right now i have the best cpu that this motherboard officially supports
Explain exactly what happens when you try to boot with new CPU.
fans spin up full blast then slow down a little bit and just keep spinning, but no post and the HDD doesn't start spinning either. Very similar to when i put above 2gb of ram in the motherboard. the cpus i tested that have done this is the phenom II x2 550 and the athlon II x2 245 that are both 45nm not 65nm like the athlon 64 x2 i have in there. the checksum error just happened when i uped to 800 mhz ram when the mobo is rated for 667 mhz ram, still booted though
Well. This motherboard supports CPUs for AM2 only, not AM2+ & AM3. I can't help to add this support.
Have you one 2GB DIMM with 16 chips and one 1GB DIMM with 8 chips?
yeah i do actually, never tried putting them in this mobo, you think it would work?. i was only trying to see if i could mod this thing for fun and see if i could extend this things limits. im into moding vbios for graphics cards and things like the lga 775 mod to make old gpus and cpu preform to their limit while getting good bang for the buck, gives me a good thrill
I think that one 2GB DIMM with 16 chips and one 1GB DIMM with 8 chips should work.