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Full Version: bios upgrade willing to pay (phoenix)
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my problem is!(motherboard)KSWAA L03 LA-4982P (bios) phoenix 2.1v for satellite l505-111 PSLS3E-1500l GE.
it had T6600(SLGF5)(e4) cpu Bus800 2MB MHz 2.2Ghz. i upgraded to T9800(SLGES)(e4)cpu Bus 1066 6MB Mhz 2.93Ghz. until here everything works.
Now i have put q9100(SLB5G)(e4)cpu Bus1066 12MB 2.26Ghz and when i press the power button it show me logo of manufacturer and freeze!!!!nothing works except forse shutdown, it suppose to load bios and boot(can send any info just ask!!!!!)
Can you install old CPU and disable showing the logo?
u mean to install t6600? im using right now the laptop and cpu is t9800
when i put q9100 it shows me toshiba logo and to the bottom of the screen it should show the F12 button to go in bios ! (tell me how can i disable logo,and ill try it)(sorry for bad english)
I mean any compatible CPU. Show a photo of Andvanced page in BIOS.
i cant upload limit 500 kilobytes! 
i give u a link from print screen
Disable Core-Multi-Processing. Save & exit BIOS. Turn off.
Install new Q9100 and try to boot.
If it doesn't boot then turn off, turn on with pressing Esc (or Tab) several time. Logo should hide, make a photo of the result screen.
im not home now ! i will test what u said and post the results ! thank you for your time after disabling multicore processing i cant pass this screen with q9100 [tab or esc] i did pass this screen with t9800! i wait for ur reply! this bar should appear... so its bios that dont suport the cpu i think! im not any expert .. just i know tha basics.
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