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Full Version: [REQUEST] Willing to pay or donate. Upgrade Samsung NP-R720 Aura Suga to Q9100 Quad.
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I had had recently bought an samasung np-r720h aura suga.
It is a very unusual model but with a good gaming video board.
So i want to make an upgrade so i bought an q9100 as chipset can support quad , 1066mhz and 45tdp as well.
I've seen an exact laptop with an x9100 but it's still an dual-core.(on ebay)
There is no update for bios on internet about this laptop.
I had replace cpu an i got nothing it starts but no action,black screen, all led lights stays on and fan starts when temperature gets warmer.
I updated my bios with this:
my detailed notebook hereĀ

What can i do in order to make this upgrade?
Bad news. Your motherboard doesn't support CPUs with quad cores.
It's hardware incompatibility. But you can try the motherboard's mod for quad core CPU supporting:

[Image: quadcore-pinsy1dm5.jpg]
[Image: sockelt6126e71.jpg]