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Full Version: GIGABYTE GA-880GM-UD2H FX8100 Support?
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May you add FX8100 Support? The CPU gets warm but does not complete POST.

CPUID 600F12

FX-8100 - FD8100WMW8KGU / FD8100WMGUSBX

[Image: 20ek8wqlo4g2vm2zg.jpg]
What is revision of your motherboard?
(01-06-2018, 01:34 AM)DeathBringer Wrote: [ -> ]What is revision of your motherboard?

Try to flash BIOS from 1.5 revision - version FA
I tested it but it said the Flash Type/ Size is MXIC 25L8005/8006 1M & The 88GMD2H5.FA Rev 1.5 BIOS is 2M...

I guess the BIOS is too large to flash to rev 1.4 ... I guess might have to remove a microcode & add fx8100 microcode i guess?

It does have DUAL-BIOS though if that's helpful for easy recovery?
Adding microcode doesn't add support for new CPU.
Original F8 BIOS has only 170.43K free space, but new modules in FA BIOS has 809.94K size.
BTW: microcode has only 14K size.
I downloaded BIOS F8 currently installed & BIOS Version FA...

It wouldn't flash because it said size is wrong.

F8 bios 1024KB
FA bios 2048KB
I need BIOS chip replacement to flash FA BIOS.
What does that mean? The BIOS Chips are soldered to the PCB & there are TWO bios chips Gigabyte Dual BIOS
You need to unsolder them, buy new chips, write them by hardware programmer and solder them in place of the previous ones.
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