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Full Version: New Challenge 3: i3 2330m to i7 2640m
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Well, let´s talk about of Sandy Bridge processors. My brother has an ASUS x44c, chipset Intel® HM65 Express, equiped with i3 2330m - TDP 35W.
He asked me how he could make his laptop more stronger. I told him that he should make a processor upgrade. Making a research on internet, I found the i7 2640m - TDP 35W.

The Chipset is compatible according to the datasheet. And the BIOS? Here is the new challenge: Is the BIOS (American Megatrends, version 210, 2012/09/06) ready to receive it?

Could someone check it for me, please???

Here is the Bios file:




All dual-core CPU for Socket G2 with Sandy Bridge core are supported.
And what about a Quad-core processors? Should work too?? I mean, the socket is the same and by the way chipset HM65 is also compatible. Are there any chance of the i7-2860QM (TDP 45W) to be compatible?? This i7 seem´s to be GREAT!!!
It's too hot for this laptop.
But it would work?? System would start?
(01-16-2018, 12:01 AM)sadjs Wrote: [ -> ]But it would work?? System would start?
Can start but performance will lower than i5 because of overheating.
Got it. I bought the i7-2640m yesterday. Think my brother will enjoy. Thanks!!!