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Full Version: [Solved] HP Pro 3000 SFF x5470
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HP Pro 3000 small form factor lga 775
Current working processor that is in it right now is a core 2 quad q8200

Im trying to get the x5470 working, but im having the same problem this guy is having here:
Make DOS USB-stick (e.g, by Rufus), download and unzip all files for the modded version of CHECKUP7 to this DOS USB-stick.
Install your X5470, boot from this DOS USB-stick and make a photo of the screen with results.
You are awesome it worked and i was able to boot into windows 8.1 now windows, cpu-z and the bios show the correct cpu.

Now the only problem is that the xeon is running at 2.33ghz instead of 3.33ghz is that something to do with a speedstep issue? but i don't have an option to disable speed step.

[Image: 26840935_1862433093827610_36768229565690...e=5AE5CF2F]
Run HWMonitor and run Stress CPU in CPU-Z.
Make a screenshot.
ok here you go
[Image: 26756567_1862919750445611_59466695486828...e=5AFF5A13]
Did you do Load Defaults in BIOS after CPU change?
Im an idiot i forgot to load defaults and now it works perfectly thanks