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Full Version: [Reward] Xeon v1 -> v2 CPU Support
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I have bought the following server:

I got 2 xeon E5-2695v2 that I wanted to use with this. However the board does not support v2 CPUs.
If I put them into the server, the server is doing next to nothing (No Beep, No Post, No Screen output, only Fans are slowed down (which is normal) after spinning up).

I decided to upgrade the microcode in the Biosfile. I read-out the bios with afudos /O, patched it with UBU for new microcodes and verified with MC Extractor as the screens attached show (before/after).


I am willing to reward the help (working bios image) that leads to cpu support with $100.

Attached is BIOS files before and after microcode patching.

I hope you can help!
Post screenshots of first (CPU) & third (Mainboard) tabs of CPU-Z with current CPU.
Make a good photo of motherboard between CPU sockets.
BTW:Adding microcode doesn't add support for new CPU.
All requested items attached.

Seems I have learned that one would need to upgrade Intel Me version mandatory for the ivybridge.


[Image: aWRG4eBxys5t9oOZfnqvjg3eBReNYoXpH4IP1Lzi...ize_mode=3]

[Image: 4lCGnhSLRzpruvNYLPrSdtZ57KpU3364jvISmBrZ...ize_mode=3]

[Image: 4KXjoY5-1yRqf8pzqjTADfp8srigsnR1eJf3VBSm...ize_mode=3]
There is no simple solution for this motherboard.