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Full Version: Asus m4a87td evo (AMI Bios) (Phenom X4 960t unlock problem)
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I have a problem with the Phenom II X4 960t processor. After unlocking it, my Asus m4a87td evo does not start the system and in bias in the processor information I have the "AMD unknown processor" written. I think it's Bios's fault so maybe I could change something? Another problem is that when I have more than 2 frames, the computer does not start up and the diode from RAM OK flashes. My frame is Kingston KHX1600C9D3K2. And I do not know if it's the fault of the BIOS or the disc itself. Thank you in advance for your help. And I apologize for my English (google translator).

Stock Bios:
Post screenshots of first (CPU) & third (Mainboard) tabs of CPU-Z with supported CPU.
Make a good photo of your Phenom II X4 960T.
I have an old version of the bios because I have not changed after testing
Try to downgrade BIOS to 1005 version -
BTW: BIOS in your first post isn't for M4A87TD EVO
I tried to upload 1005 and it was the same
Well. Try to set lower multiplier.
It gives no results
So you can't unlock this CPU on your motherboard.
But actually it just unlocks, but it does not boot the system. No matter how many root settings after unlocking, it does not boot the system anyway. And when I turn on the Asus Gate, this message pops up (picture attached).
It means that this CPU can't be successfully unlocked.