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Full Version: [SOLVED] Foxconn G41S Xeon L5410 tdp warning
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Hi everyone, new to bios modding and would appreciate some help. I have a Foxconn G41S with an Intel G41 chipset. I got a xeon L5410, added the microcode for the processor to the bios using mmtool and flashed it. At post the processor name comes up on the screen and the system does a quick memory test, which once done I get a warning telling me that the motherboard only supports 65w processors, and the system shuts down. But the L5410 has a 50w tdp so it should work.

Is there a way to modify this tdp value, or bypass the check. I'm not even sure where it's getting the greater than 65w value from. I opened the bios in amibcp but I'm not even sure what I'm looking for at this point.
I attached the bios with the injected microcode, and a cpu-z log with the motherboard running a c2d e8400. Thank you kindly for looking!

Post a photo with "warning telling that the motherboard only supports 65w processors".
Sure thing, thanks. The message stays up for about 22-24 seconds and then the system powers down.

Try to flash my mod.
(02-09-2018, 01:49 AM)DeathBringer Wrote: [ -> ]Try to flash my mod.

Brilliant, thank you! You are a magician. Were you able to find out how to disable that check using the error message?

Also, another question. The system runs fine and stable but cpu-z shows 2 cores instead of 4.  Do you think this is a hardware issue or is it something else?

Do Load Defaults in BIOS.
Show a screenshot of msconfig under button Advanced options on current OS in Boot tab. E.g.
[Image: 1396959939201.win7%20advance%20boot%20op...config.png]
Ah ok, I will try that when I get home later and report back.
Sorry I never got back to you, but all is well. I just needed to restart the machine and all 4 cores are showing up. Thanks for all your work  Smile