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Full Version: Asus Rampage V Edition 10 Supports ES CPU e5-2699 v4
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I have Intel E5 2699 v4 ES version cpu. The cpu work with MSI motherboard X99 Raider but not working on Asus Rampage V Edition 10.

First boot succcess in asus rampage, after next boot stuck on Qcode 19 error.

I'm researched and found some information like below.

Quote:Asus X99 Express Chipset motherboards (Only supports assembled or DIY desktop computers): some but not all stuck on Q-Code 19 after reboot; They support v4 series CPUs with B0/M0/R0 stepping, v4 series CPUs QS version or Product Version/ OEM version CPUs only.

I think its possible to support this cpu asus, but need modification in bios or other I dont know  Huh

I'm attached the CPU info, and asus bios download link.


Latest bios download link : 


Thank you.
Tell sSpec of your Xeon E5 2699 v4.
Post a screenshot of third (Mainboard) tab of CPU-Z with supported CPU.
(02-10-2018, 08:17 AM)DeathBringer Wrote: [ -> ]Tell sSpec of your Xeon E5 2699 v4.
Post a screenshot of  third (Mainboard) tab of CPU-Z with supported CPU.


Photo attached the cpu.


CPU-Z (MSI MAINBOARD) screenshot.

I need the screenshot form Asus!
(02-10-2018, 09:02 AM)DeathBringer Wrote: [ -> ]I need the screenshot form Asus!

Hello DeathBringer,

I can't boot the OS in ASUS, because stuck on Q19 error code, if I'm clear the bios mobo boot is ok but enter the bios is mandatory..

so can't boot OS in asus..  Undecided

PS: If you want the BIOS photo, I can take a photo to attach here.. 
Hi again,

I found my mobo CPU-Z mainboard section on the Guru3D website.

May help you is the same motherboard.

So you haven't supported CPU for Asus, have you?
(02-10-2018, 09:54 AM)DeathBringer Wrote: [ -> ]So you haven't supported CPU for Asus, have you?

I don't have another CPU for Asus.

I have one CPU and two mobo, one mobo is Asus other is MSI.

Well. How are going to flash modded BIOS without supported CPU?
I need TXT report of CPU-Z on MSI & ES CPU.
I think to use USB BIOS Flashback by push button backside mobo, because don't require the any memory and cpu. Only need power supply.
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