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Full Version: BIOS modification for Intel i7 940XM support on Insyde F.23/F.27 BIOSes
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I'd like to request help modifying the BIOS of my HP DV3-4151sz in order for it to support the Intel I7-940XM processor. Currently, the HM55 board of the laptop runs an Intel i7 720QM with F.23 Insyde BIOS. There is also F.27 Insyde BIOS upgrade available. Could you please kindly take a look into it and make modifications on  these BIOSes?

Info on the CPU:

F.23 Insyde Bios:
F.27 Insyde Bios:

Thank you kindly.

Post screenshots of first (CPU) & third (Mainboard) tabs of CPU-Z with current CPU.
Show a photo of stickers on (or near) slots for memory.

Hereby I am sending your the current MOBO info and  CPU info from CPU-Z. 

Please note, that both are subject to change. The MOBO is faulty on the GPU... 
Ordered the same part number, probably newer Revision. Same BIOS F.23.
As for the CPU, I ordered an i7 940XM

Apologies for the delay, had to install the OS.

As for the MB sticker: The new mainboard (after change) will have the same part number 628187-001, with higher Rev.


Current BIOS has support for i7-940XM, but I'm not sure about ability of power subsystem on this motherboard.
i7-940XM has too high TDP=55W.
Thanks for your reply.

That is a BIG thing. If I run into any power wise troubles, I'll try to downclock. Cross fingers.

Have a nice day
This laptop just may will not boot with i7-940XM because of hardware limits of power subsystem on a motherboard.