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Full Version: GA-B75-D3V 1.1rev. overclock nonk CPU bios request
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Hi! I have the GA-B75-D3V rev1.1 and an i7 3770(non ''k'') CPU. I want to overclock just with the multipliers but its locked at the UEFI! I want to ask if its possible to do this with a modded bios for my Motherboard? and if yes it would be amazing to download directly and flash it threw Q-flash.

sorry for my bad English.
i7-3770 has locked multiplier and B75 chipset hasn't overclocking features.
You need i7-3770K and Z77 chipset for overclocking.
thanks. i knew that. that is what im asking.. can i do oc with my staff?
(02-17-2018, 02:27 PM)giannoslfc Wrote: [ -> ]can i do oc with my staff?
No, of course.
ok fine. Tongue Thanks a lot mate!