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Full Version: Fujitsu Lifebook NH751
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i wanted to ask, if it is possible to upgrade the BIOS of my Fujitsu Lifebook NH751 running with a Sandy Bridge "Mobile DualCore Intel Core i7-2640M, 3000 MHz (30 x 100)" so that is is possible to upgrade to a Ivy Bridge "i7-3520M" ore any other I7 from the Ivy Bridge series.
The reason for this is, that i want to use PCIE 3.0 which came out with this processor familly.
I contacted Fujitsu support, but they where not able to tell me, if a Sandy Bridge Processor would be compatible with my mainboard. The only thing, they mentioned, is that i possibly have to use a modified BIOS. 
Physically the processors fit into the socket, because it was not changed for Ivy Bridhe an the i7-3520M has 35 W too, but i don't kmow if it will work with the intel Chipset.

The last Bios available from Fujitsu is "1.20 (05.07.2012)"
Windows installer:

Admin pack:

best regards with hopee for any answer
Norbert Linda (Germany)
Norbert Linda
You laptop is based on HM65 chipset. It doesn't support CPU with Ivy Bridge core.