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Full Version: [SOLVED] Lenovo B570 CPU upgrade
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Hi all,

I am working on upgrading my girlfriend's Lenovo B570 and am looking to overcome two obstacles.  I ordered a 2640m i7 to replace the aging Pentium B940 that the laptop came with, and only after the fact realized that this model doesn't appear to be on Lenovo's approved list of processors for this computer (although from a hardware perspective, I can't see any reason why it shouldn't work).  I'm hoping that someone can help me with a modified BIOS that will allow the 2640m to work.  I am still waiting on the arrival of the new processor but it should arrive some time this coming Wednesday or Thursday and I'd like to preemptively have a modded BIOS before I tear down the machine.  I've attached CPU-Z screenshots of the current system for reference. I'll be more than happy to donate to anyone who can help me get this to work!  Smile

Manufacturer: Lenovo
Model: B570 1068
BIOS revision: 44CN43WW
BIOS vendor: Phoenix UEFI
BIOS download link:

Thank you in advance!

I think that native BIOS supports i7-2640M, so modded BIOS isn't needed.
Fantastic, I hope you're right! I ran across an old discussion board earlier that had a list of CPUs that were natively supported and the 2640M wasn't on it, so I was concerned that I was going to run into an issue after swapping out the processors. Unfortunately a lot of the links to official Lenovo documentation on the matter I've tried to follow are broken, I'm sure due to the age of the system at this point. Thanks for the reply, I'll keep my fingers crossed that the swap goes as it should and update here in case anyone else in the future attempts the same upgrade path.
All, I just wanted to update this to let everyone know that the CPU swap of the stock Pentium B940 for the i7-2640m went off without a hitch and is working great.  DeathBringer was, not surprisingly, correct regarding the stock 44CN43WW BIOS supporting this model processor.  DeathBringer, thank you for your insight - it helped to ease my mind prior to the mod.  Mods, feel free to move this thread wherever you see fit!