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Full Version: AM3? ECS Geforce 6100PM-M2 v2.0 Award Bios 95W
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I managed to figure out my mistake although the cpu microcodes were working they were in improper order i learned that after you edit the same bios file more than once it changes the checksum immediately rendering any other changes completely invalid as i noticed modules where only .15kb compressed size i used awardtool to validate my checksum used a fresh bios file that i download then updated /gv3 module then update npucode.bin then extracted meminit and updated the /minit module in the award bios and now the checksum is valid file is working and no other issues also modbin doesnt support this bios for editing instantly invalidates checksum cbrom must be used for all of it modbin is best for checking if bios will actually open and work when executed on machine code level..... Anyway last update this board will probably ever have is right here all credits go to manufacturer's of the product none of the work i did is anything compared to the bios but agesa is at version original bios shows meminit is patched Phenom x3 im using in the system is now detected under opteron category instead of phenom x3 like original bios all photos in first post this is just a fix for the checksum so the file can be modified once more but user must always keep seperate copy of original modding it once invalidates checksum after it closes in temporary directory so it has to be done all at once anyway hopefully this helps people i bought this on accident thinking it was 3.0 revision im hoping at least now it will run similair. thanks to Bios-mods for the repository of files and having an awesome uptime not once did i see this site down even though use isnt as heavy these days....
woops heres bios..............

uniflash and or an eeprom writer are readily available this day and age...i should have added i had to slic mod my own bios using ami mod tool and i had to set usage access to extended user for cpu frequency and voltage control in amibcp and then i had overclocking stable i dont remember which slic i used for my own bios so i just left the newest update in this thread ....but without slic menu mod doesnt work at all so !!dont attempt any mods unless you have working slic mod!!

..... the bios i attached here is the stock ecs bios from the ECS Geforce 6100PM-M2 V3.0 which must be written with a flash tool or universal flasher to the v2.0 board for it to become 3.0 the flash chip must be erased first if you rewrite over old rom you will have issues.........another note to user!!! there is newer bios if you want support for bios live update utility and ejiffy these two things i could care less about but that update is also availabe from ecs and works exactly the same on the v2.0 board as this bios does...........

I attached image of overclocking settings with a phenom ii x3 full voltage and multiplier control aswell as all ram speed options i even think ddr2 1066 option is there now as ram speeds are in halfs in this bios 266 333 400 533 so yeah should even have fixed memory instability i was having constant blue screens overclocking due to the command rate changing from 2 to 1 when i stepped from ddr2 800 to 667 this doesnt happen anymore also..