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Full Version: Panasonic CF-53 & i5-3340M
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Hi i have panasonic cf 53 ami bios.Is possible modded bios for upgrade    i5  3340m, hm77 chip?thanks
Post screenshots of first (CPU) & third (Mainboard) tabs of CPU-Z with current CPU.
Give me a link to download BIOS.
Sorry no understand
Panasonic CF-53 already has support for i5-3340M in latest BIOS.
Hi I have 3340 cpu, but possible upgrade with it 3620 ecc?
"3620 ecc"?
Upgrade with cpu 3620 qm?
There may be problems with insufficient power of VRM and with overheating.
i7-3612QM & i7-3632QM are recommended,
Thanks but 3340 socket bga is soldering,possible upgrade?
i5-3340M has two versions: BGA & PGA
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