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Full Version: DELL Venue PRO 7140 set boost max to 2ghz
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Hello guy can you help me to set turbo boost multiplayer only to 2ghz max? Now i have 2,6Ghz and its overheating to 90°c. 
Thanks Wink Last bios in on this site:
Post TXT report of CPU-Z.
Nice thank you I will look at it today.
Here it is[attachment=14382]

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Please help guys.
I'm think you in this situation:
Oh man this means I cannot change clock?
I'm think so. Available range 5-13 and 26(when option Turbo Mode - Enabled, or it is 13*2 ?).
I think so also now I can enable or disable turbo mode. And when it's thermal throttling it got 1700mhz on 86-88°C
(06-02-2018, 04:41 AM)LLC Wrote: [ -> ]I'm think you in this situation:
You are wrong. In this case MSR_PLATFORM_INFO==1

(06-03-2018, 06:02 PM)pcnahradnediely Wrote: [ -> ]Oh man this means I cannot change clock?
You can decrease maximum Turbo Boost frequency by ThrottleStop.
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