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Full Version: BGA CPU upgrade - should I expect problems?
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I got one of these Acer plastic craps (this very configuration) which does not turn on, it does nothing at all. My guy with resoldering station claims it's bad CPU, as always. It's the Silvermont Atom aka Pentium N3520. So I've been thinking about replacing it with N3530 or N3540 right away (these are such craps that every MHz counts), it is the same silicon just with slightly better dynamic frequency (both CPU&GPU turbo). He claims there will be problems with BIOS etc., I think it's nonsense as it is the same thing, the frequency is driven by the CPU itself, not BIOS, right? Whaddaya ppl think?
Latest BIOS for this laptop has support for all CPUs with Bay Trail-M core.
So, at least in theory, it should work fine?
OK, thanks, I'll post update if I decide to go forth with it.