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Full Version: HP K8S-LA v3.15
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[Image: K9S-LA-1.jpg]

HP K8S-LA v3.15 Bios

All Hidden Features Unlocked !!

reupload of the file please
Sorry but i dont have the file! will have to remod this

Here you go

Flash at your own risk,!

I'm only a novice at this whole BIOS editing thing, but I've been around computers long enough to at least be understanding of it all. Either way, I took your BIOS mod a step (or whole stair case really) further by shuffling around a crapload of options that are actually in the BIOS but just not available in the normal screens Smile

Mine now offers in addition to what is available in yours (god I wish screenshots were a BIOS option):
-------- Halt On All Errors/No Errors/All, But Keyboard/All, But Diskette/All, But Disk/Key
-------- Integrated Peripherals-
----------------------------------- SiS OnChip PCI Device-
-------------------------------------------------------------- SiS USB Controller Enable/Disable (En/Dis)
-------------------------------------------------------------- USB 2.0 Support En/Dis
-------------------------------------------------------------- USB Keyboard Support En/Dis
-------------------------------------------------------------- SiS S/W Modem En/Dis
-------------------------------------------------------------- SATA Mode IDE/RAID (Whether RAID actually works, I don't know sorry)
-------------------------------------------------------------- PMCLK/GPI018 Select PMCLK/RTC32kHz (No clue what that is, Default is RTC)
----------------------------------- IDE Block Mode En/Dis
----------------------------------- POWER ON Function Button Only/Any KEY/Keyboard 98
----------------------------------- Onboard Floppy Disk Controller En/Dis
----------------------------------- [USB0, USB1, USB2, USB2.0, MAC, Audio] Access Interface PCI Bus/EDB Bus (all 5 are their own separate option)
-------- Boot Up Floppy Seek En/Dis
-------- Boot Up NumLock Status On/Off

-------------- DRAM Configuration-
--------------------------------------- HT_Width (In-Out) Auto/8-8/16-16/8-16/16-8/
--------------------------------------- HT_Speed 100/200/300/400/500/600/700/800 mhz
--------------------------------------- Auto Configuration AGP & P2P Bridge Control/Auto (I unno with this either haha)
--------------------------------------- Timing Mode Auto/Manual
--------------------------------------- Memclock index value (Mhz) 100/133/166/183/213/233/250Mhz
--------------------------------------- CAS# Latency (Tcl) 1.5/2/2.5/3
--------------------------------------- 1T/2T Command Rate (CR) 1T/2T
--------------------------------------- MTRR mapping mode Continuous/Discrete (Another I've never encountered, Discrete is mentioned to be "Agressive" in the little help info sidebar)
-------------- Internal Cache En/Dis
-------------- External Cache En/Dis
-------------- AMD K8 Cool'n'Quiet En/Dis
-------------- OnChip VGA Control-
--------------------------------------- Graphics Engine Clock 100/133/166/200
--------------------------------------- AGP Aperture Size 0/32/64/128/256/512 (I also removed the other option)
--------------------------------------- AGP Transfer Rate Auto/8x/4x
--------------------------------------- AGP Fast Write Support En/Dis
(Probably added another thing or two to this area, but nothing stands out ATM)

----------- ACPI Function En/Dis
----------- Power Management User Define/Disable/Min Saving/Max Saving
----------- Power Up By Alarm En/Dis (Which lets you then use the Month Alarm, Date (of Month) Alarm and/or Time Alarm, as you can just have time set if you don't want a month/day combo included)
----------- Video Off Option, and Method (Sorry, I'm getting tired of typing out their detailed options)
----------- Suspend Mode
----------- Switch Function
----------- HDD Off After
----------- Hardware Monitor - You can now set a ShutDown temp (I also adjusted the fan temps and speeds to something more fitting. Still gonig to try getting them to work)

And I've noticed a few things I'm going to have to go back and add and remove, as they don't work or aren't necessary. When that time comes I'll add the BIOS as an attachment with the version of WinFlash I used.
Wow, this is great work! What method did you use to add the options, or were they there bust you just unhid them and reordered them?

Just ModBin (I don't like or whatever it's exact version is). Then the "mark" (space bar) and Insert (insert key heh) them into different places.

The thing with this BIOS, since it's a Phoenix-Award, is it is laid out like a typical Phoenix, but when you get into it with like ModBin, it's your normal Award BIOS. Only difference is they seem to have thrown all the unused options/menus up above the "Main" menu. I just call it "no mans land" since it's not where we are supposed to go heh It's quite a mess too and I had to pick through what I thought would be useful and not. There is SOME caution to be had though, which I usually discover as I go and thankfully BEFORE a flash. Sometimes when moving things around, a menu will get too long and then muck with the rest of the BIOS. Like this last time, I moved around the Integrated Peripherals and was sorting it out, but it got too long and removed EVERYTHING below Advanced heh If I had flashed it, it might have worked out, but I wouldn't be able to save or exit from the BIOS >_> Sadly that means I have to redo all the work I've done because I don't know how to recover from that sort of glitch :\

With that said I'm now laying in bed with the laptop re-doing all the crap I 'lost' lol Wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't all done via DOS (prompt in this case) which is just a crap load of key strokes vs mouse movements Sad

Only thing that sucks about the SIS chipset is it's overclocking... Maxes out at 232mhz on the HTT, and this K8S with the Sempron 3100 runs stable at that speed lol Before I really went in the BIOS today, I was trying out Windows clocking options, with ClockGen being the only thing that works (A64Info does kinda and MemSet lets you change timings at least) but I maxed it all out there with amazingly the memory running @ DDR466! Couldn't believe that factory 256mb was able to run at that speed, I kept expecting the system to crash but it wouldn't. Little trooper it is Smile

Anywho, I suppose I can post the BIOS in rough form in case anyone wants to try it out. Just some areas of in need of work/removal, keep that in mind.
wow u guys are better than me i don't know how to mod a bios but i'd pay for a good bios for my k8s-la mobo that will let me use this cpu

i also would like the overclocking settings unlocked for the cpu. and maybe some fan features unlocked thanks for any help i might get
(03-26-2010, 03:30 AM)russianbossman97301 Wrote: [ -> ]wow u guys are better than me i don't know how to mod a bios but i'd pay for a good bios for my k8s-la mobo that will let me use this cpu

i also would like the overclocking settings unlocked for the cpu. and maybe some fan features unlocked thanks for any help i might get

I don't know if the CPU Microcode in the BIOS has support for that CPU, so I can't really help you there, sorry. Because I was wanting to run the Mobile chip. If the ASUS K8S-something (MX?) supports that CPU you want, I could probably import that from that board's BIOS into this one.

If you are referring to the CPU Multipliers (like x10, x11, etc), then you can't gain that from a modified BIOS. That is something that is physically locked on the processor. You CAN up the front side bus speed though, but it'll only go to 232mhz heh That is the limit of the SIS chip :\ I unlocked the fan options in the one I posted.

I haven't had time to do the final touches on it, but it is only cosmetic. The BIOS actually works fine.
Please post a CPU upgrade request in our forum, and I'll take a look!

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