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Full Version: Dell PowerEdge SC1420 support for the Tulsa beasts?
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I got this system and did some checking, it has the 7520 chipset which is one of maybe three chipsests which support the Tulsa beasts. Been thinking about getting some 7140M and do some tests with modern system and applications just for the fun, they are dirty cheap in the US (like 6 bucks for real - for 2c/16t Netburst with 16 MB of L3! and it could maybe run two of them) but from what I found, when ppl put it in just like that, it did not work. No wonder, the CPUs are much newer than the chipset itself. Dunno if there is support in the newest BIOS, it is in attachment. Would it be possible to add it if not?
Post screenshots of first (CPU) & third (Mainboard) tabs of CPU-Z with current CPU.
Afraid that would be kinda problematic where do I have it right now. Could probably run some live Linux and check it with lshw and peek into /proc/cpuinfo…
Use Windows LiveCD/DVD/USB
None of the 7xx0 chipsets ever supported Tulsa as being MP, according to roadmap So this question is now answered and I can scrap the machine.

BTW you personally have dealed with similar situation just a year ago so I wonder what did you actually needed the info for: I told you the chipset it has, it is all you needed to knew and you KNEW it does not work and could not be make to work ever ;-) Guess it was burried somewhere in memory under tons of other chipsets and CPUs lol