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Full Version: Thinkpad T450 LCD Whitelist
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Good time of Day/Night All,

First i need to say sorry for my bad English,i try my best to discribe my problem

I need some help with adding new display EDID inf. to Bios(DXE Driver)

I use this Manual:

1.First i try to work with UEFITools,like in manual.I get delayed(12-14 sec.) start and 2x5 beeps,but Brightness setting work in win10
2.PhoenixTool,all same.
3.I try use 2x modules from original dump(not from X1,like in notebookreview),mod it with new EDID and insert back,no luck.
4.Rebuild dump with clean Intel ME image also not helped.
5.In original DUMP,before modding,Security Chip was enabled,i will try to disable it and reflash again.
With modded dump disable Security Chip and all security settings give me 0 result.

I think,due modification , "DXE Display modul" have a new checksum/signature and now need recompute/re-hash bios dump.
I found in github a script to rehash img but this is only for Sandy Bridge:

Attached Files:
t450 = Original dump
t450new modded dump

If anyone have idea how possible to remove this security beeps please write me