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Full Version: GA-M68MT-S2 REV1.3
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What is required to modify the BIOS in this board to accept an FX series CPU? The socket fits AMD FX series and meanwhile the GA-M68MT-S2 REV 3.1 does and HAS the identical chipset Nvidia GeForce 7025/nForce630a chipset. Also there is only one BIOS version F1 for the REV 1.3 whereas the REV 3.1 has three BIOS versions, two of which are for CPU upgrades including FX series. I have an FX 6300 that runs at a max of 95 watts so this isn't a problem for this board as some are maxed out at 95 or 125 watts so installing a CPU of greater wattage will destroy the voltage regulators. Also another characteristic of this board is Gigabyte lists it as only supporting 8GB of DDR3 1333 RAM whereas I discovered the RAM in my MSI 970a SLI Krait had the same socket/style of RAM ( just supports faster) so I borrowed 16GB of Kingston HyperX Fury that is also faster than the present 8 GB in the Gigabyte, installed it and it boots very well, detects it for what it is including 16GB in the BIOS and also using a utility that lists all specs of this board. I'm hoping this board can be flashed to support this CPU because I would like to upgrade my FX6300 to an FX8370 in my Krait and give the FX6300 a new home in the Gigabyte which presently has an AMD 640x4 CPU
Post screenshots of first (CPU) & third (Mainboard) tabs of CPU-Z with supported CPU.
Did tried to boot with FX series CPU? What was the result?
I will have to retake photo of CPU-z but otherwise when I install the FX series I receive no beeps or alarms from the motherboard speaker, the system fans are running as usual but the monitors receive no video. I even installed a video card as well and no video is still the result. No damage occurs and nothing gets hot. I find it puzzling that Gigabyte provides BIOS versions to enable additional CPU for the nearly identical REV 3.1 board and nothing for the REV 1.3 board!
I will have to return to my computer because this useless iPhone won't let me copy and paste a link for the BIOS (F1) download link
I would really like to post screen shots but there doesnt appear to be any option or way for me to do this?? While replying there isnt a menu that I can see giving me the option to attach a screen shot. As a matter of fact there doesnt appear to be much of anything for options for posting a reply!
Anyway here are links to specs for both (this is for the REV3.1) (this is for the REV1.3) (CPU Support 1.3) (CPU Support 3.1)
And you will notice both boards are limited to 95 watt CPU like an MSI AM2 Mini ATX board I have as well. ALL of the FX series listed in the supported menue for the 3.1 are ALL 95 watts and my FX6300 is also a 95 watt. The system bus speed is faster on the FX but there is absolutely no mention of what the actual bus speed is of these boards (unless I'm blind in one eye and can't see out of the other?) and the only other supposedly different difference is the RAM and when I phoned Gigabyte support they said the socket is black on the 3.1 and it is AM3+ but of course this is also dependent on what version of BIOS is used and meanwhile I also pointed out to the tech support " only 8 GB of RAM is supported on the 1.3 according to your questionable spec sheet, but guess what?? As we are speaking on the phone MY REV 1.3 is clearly running and performing very well on 16 GB of Kingston HyperX Fury @ NB Frequency 2009.2 MHz and both CPU-Z and system BIOS both recognize it as such including Win 7/64 showing I have 16 GB as well!"
In other words their specs aren't totally accurate and the 3.1 will not support the FX series as well unless the BIOS is updated with BIOS versions provided and no BIOS versions provided for the 1.3
It would be interesting to know what the [censored] the difference really is between these boards and BIOS other than both looking identical with the exception of a black and white CPU socket, AM3 and AM3+, and of course the REV numbers on these boards??? Right now as I type I have CPY-Z running and if you provide me with info on how I can provide you with a screen shot I will gladly do this, otherwise my FX does fit the socket but with no video (or smoke, fire, or carnage appearing) from both the onboard and PCIe card I have installed and the BIOS gives the option to have both enabled or just the PCIe and now I have both enabled to see if perhaps there was video lurking. I also wish I knew how the 3.1 behaves without the newer flash with an FX installed.
(08-13-2018, 10:13 PM)hennmann Wrote: [ -> ]I would really like to post screen shots but there doesnt appear to be any option or way for me to do this?? While replying there isnt a menu that I can see giving me the option to attach a screen shot.
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Rev 1.3 has 1MB BIOS chip, but Rev 3.1 has 2MB BIOS chip. So I think you can try to replace BIOS chip.
Thanks very much for info! I was gazing at the files I downloaded but I cannot remember any difference indicated in the size of the files downloaded in my downloads folder? I will have to look at them again? Years ago I used to play around with Satelite receivers and had to use various software to modify flashing chips but that was over 12 years ago so I wonder what do you use to open up these BIOS files to take a look and modify? Also even though I have a one Meg capacity BIOS chip, how much is required just for this slight variation of CPU? There is probably other functions that take up this extra 1meg but what I have to use right now is enough being a fairly useable BIOS for options and functions and being my future Linux Box I was just hoping to give my FX6300 a new home after upgrading my MSI 970A SLI Krait with an FX8270 and of course giving the 6300 a home INSTEAD of purchasing another of which would only be an AMD 1055T but it has to be a 95 watt which are harder to find than the 125watt and of course for such an old limited CPU the prices the sellers are asking are just plain stupid!! The FX series are newer and faster and you can pick up a small one that exceeds the 1055 for LESS money!
Ah yes M68MTS2.F1 is 1,024 KB or 1.02 Megs and M68TS231.FC is 2.048 Megs and no wonder the flashing procedure sniveled about the file being too big. Other than keeping the F1 file the same, how much of both F1 and FC pertain to just the CPU? Keep in mind both support the older smaller CPU and how much of the BIOS file info is required for the FX series? It wouldn't surprise me if there is very little difference other than a slightly larger BIOS chip able to hold a smidgen more of info. What tools are required to open up a BIOS file and peer around inside? If I had these tools to look into a file to see what the difference is that would be great