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Full Version: [Request] ASUS K50AF adding support of Athlon II P340 (Phenom)
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Hi everyone,

I have ASUS K50AF that works with Athlon II P340 (S1g4) and DDR2 memory. But the processor is being detected as AMD Processor Model Unknown.
If it's possible I want to get it to be detected correctly. I also want to add support of Phenom II P960 but when I install this processor, my laptop is able to get into BIOS but is unable to boot the OS.

I attached my BIOS image and CPU-Z report and registry screenshot.

Try to flash my mod.
Thanks a lot! Now the Athlon II P340 is being detected as well. Phenom II P960 also detects as it should but still freezes at OS boot up.
Run msconfig. Press button Advanced options on current OS in Boot tab. E.g.
[Image: 1396959939201.win7%20advance%20boot%20op...config.png]
Check Number of processors and select 1 or 2. Press OK.
Turn off and change CPU to Phenom II P960.
Then try to boot again.
No, BIOS freezes when getting to a stage when OS should boot up. I can't even boot up from USB stick to reinstall Windows. I noticed that when Phenom II P960 is installed the Vcore is 0.981v still. While on Athlon II P3xx it is 1.1v. Maybe the VID configuration on Phenom II is different and is not recognized by PWM.
I think it's hardware feature of this motherboard. It was designed for dual cores CPU only.
Is it possible to tune FAN speeds in BIOS? This laptop has a significant problem - FAN speed is very slow till the CPU temperature is above 80^C