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Full Version: MSI Z170A PC MATE + Xeon E3-1240 V5
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I modded BIOS (non k oc ver. A91) to boot Xeon with me_cleaner by corna:

When I flash rom after executing me_cleaner it works with my Pentium Skylake without any problems. 
When I use Xeon E3-1240 v5 bios resetting to default on every boot -> xeon_error.jpg.

The VGA LED of EZ Debug turns on for 3 second with Xeon during startup.

Xeon booted with ME and clean with me_cleaner executed with small letter s option (-s
The problem with bios reset only occurs with Xeon.
1. Is the problem occur due to the lack of a built in CPU graphics card? Huh 
2. Is there a way to stop the bios reset on every boot?   Idea
Try to use ME firmware version from BIOS for Onda H310C-CD3: ONDA H310C-CD3 VER1.02.rar.