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Full Version: HP laptop BIOS - add new CPU microcode
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BIOS link:
What happens: I want to insert a new CPU microcode update into the BIOS.
CPU spec: SR02Y I guess

CPUID Manufacturer: GenuineIntel
CPUID Revision: 000206A7h
Microcode Update Revision: 1Ah

The latest microcode (Intel, all of them):
The latest microcode (github, I guess it's the latest for my CPU):

I decrypted and modified it following theĀ manual, but of course I can not flash it, because I need it to be signed.
Attach TXT-report of CPU-Z.
The report.
After modding BIOS you must encrypt it (by hewprsa.exe) and use patched iscflash.dll to flash.
This dll-file can be extracted from Camiloml's mod.