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Full Version: dell inspiron 14z N411z
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As for my understanding, this bios can be unlocked for uefi boot (uefi windows 10)
Can someone unlock it and upload?
Also is it possible to enable boot from SSD that is connected to HDD cradle that is connected instead of dvd drive?
The current config is SSD at HDD place because the system is unable to boot from hdd cradle, and hdd is in cradle. (i would prefer to put the HDD in his original place because there is a 3 axis sensor that protect the drive from vibration and falling, and i do consider my hdd is about to fail from the lack of such sensor in the HDD cradle

This the latest bios I found as requsted by forum rulles:

As shown in the pics i have added... when running dell support assist it's giving me this option to install a different machine (inspiron 14z 5423) bios that is updated till 2018!
When I'm starting the process and then receive this error, is it possible that this machines using the same bios but because it's different dell types it's not allowing me?
(the dell 14z 5423 has the uefi boot option unlocked by dell itself if it's helping some how to the process of unlocking the 14z N411z bios)
Also, if i'm in the wrong forum, I would like if you can direct me to the right one.