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Full Version: HP Compaq dc7900 & Xeon X3363
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My office still using lots of HP DC7900 (Q45/E8600).
As the Xeon X3323 is quite cheap now (7.8$), I ordered one pcs from aliexpress to improve my work PC. Will report after getting this chip.
I have HP dc7900 pc with chipset q45, can I install x3363 with bios mod
Post screenshots of first (CPU) & third (Mainboard) tabs of CPU-Z with current CPU.
Attached screenshots
I can't see it.
It just keep giving me error when I try to attach, my screen shots are 2mb, can see the error message though
No screenshots - no help
Use PRT SCR (Print Screen) button above delete/insert, then open paint program and paste in screenshot, crop to CPU-z windows if necessary.
Thanks will try that today