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Full Version: QX9300 CPU support HP DV5
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I am a proud owner of HP Pavilion dv5-1060ew. The CPU I currently have is Intel Core 2 Duo P8400 2.26GHz. I'd like to upgrade it and I was told that the best CPU I can put in my PC is Intel Core 2 Duo T9600 2.8GHz. I'd like to know if there is a possibility to put even better CPU to my PC's P-type socket. I was wondering about Quad CPU or even Extreme ones - 4 cores are better that 2, especially when I want to do a little game streaming over the Internet.
I need a way to put the best CPU avaible in my P-socket, with high frequency and all this stuff. 4 cores would be nice. I heard that there's something needed to be done with BIOS to allow 4 core CPU work in my PC.
sorry for my bad english. I bought the cpu in subject but it doesn't work on my laptop. Is there anything to do about bios?

Motherboard: Quanta 3603 02.26
Chipset: Intel PM45 07
Bios: HP F21 20/08/2009

Now I have a T9900 upgraded from a T9400 without any problem.

Thank you for your consideration

at the end there was no need to change bios!! after I try to boot many times, notebook starts... but every time I have to try boot too many times... what's the matter??
Hallo guys,

I`m new and need help.

HP Pavilion dv5 notebook
Mainboard: Quanta 3603
BIOS: HP F.21 08/20/2009
Prozessor: Intel T9400

First i don`t know which BIOS platform i have got. So i tryed all tools i could think of but all say "BIOS TYP: ????".

I like to use a Intel Core2 quad QX9300 in my notebook but it dosn`t support this CPU.

Can anyone tell me which BIOS i have got and if there is a possibility to use this CPU.

If it is nassesary i can have a look on my mainboard as far i know the BIOS should be somewhere close to the chipset, isn`d it?

(I`m from germany so there are may be some words with a wrong spelling please excuse this)

Thanks for your time and afford to create and support this webpage.
A few motherboards with Socket P can boot quad cores CPUs. It's hardware incompatibility.
But you can try the motherboard's mod for quad core CPU supporting.
Thanks for the quick reply.
Im still not sure which mainboard they are talking about.
Does it matters which bios i have got or not?
It's not BIOS problem.