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Full Version: IBM thinkcentre E50 9214 cpu microcode dump needed.
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Making a windows 98 rig with the motherboard out of one of these & figured I'd use this socket 775 board with an agp 9550 as the gpu.
but i don't know what processors the motherboard supports with the latest bios, not really written if they increased the cpu support or no
flashed the newest one in there via the floppy image on their page as i had a disk laying around & had a floppy installed already.
Current processor is a pentium 4 520, hoping too get support for a celeron 450 or a pentium dualcore e2180 in it.
Should be a copy of the floppy here, no password on this zip file & it's an award bios, but didn't get further then opening it & seeing its some unsupported stuff in awdbedit in the bios format & that i can't view it in that program.
Post screenshots of first (CPU) & third (Mainboard) tabs of CPU-Z with supported CPU.
(10-06-2018, 11:31 AM)DeathBringer Wrote: [ -> ]Post screenshots of first (CPU) & third (Mainboard) tabs of CPU-Z with supported CPU.
[Image: 8758bd25df.bmp]

[Image: f78ef0ee84.bmp]
This motherboard is based on 661FX chipset without support of Conroe core. So you can't use your Celeron 450 or Pentium E2180. It's hardware limitation.
I've analyzed current BIOS (61KTFAA) for microcodes:
Version Date       CPUID Core        Stepping  
2C      08/26/2004 0F25  Northwood   M0  
0A      05/11/2004 0F32  Prescott    B1
02      12/09/2003 0F37  Prescott    C1
17      04/21/2005 0F34  Prescott    D0
17      04/22/2005 0F41  Prescott    E0
03      04/21/2005 0F49  Prescott    G1
05      04/21/2005 0F43  Prescott-2M N0
02      06/10/2005 0F4A  Prescott-2M R0
05      01/24/2005 0F60  Cedar Mill  A0
07      06/10/2005 0F61  Cedar Mill  B0
BTW: chipset 661FX supports Pentium D with Presler core - &
Ah that's a shame, figured it would be worth trying too mod in some microcode for these seeing its a 800 fsb processor the celeron 450.

But i guess the processors aren't electrically similar enough on what goes where too allow such a thing despite having the microcode added in.

Might underclock then too keep temperatures down further in this rig as the latest bios did unlock the fsb & ram speed which was a nice addition.
(Even if i underclock it, it will be way faster then the 3dfx voodoo 1 4 mb, 32 mb edo ram, k6-2+ 400 mhz processor that is my current windows 98 rig thats for sure.)

What program did you use too scan for the microcodes btw ?

Got a acer eg31m v1.1
(What it says physically on the motherboard that originally had the celeron 450 in it.
(Put in a bsel modded e 2160 in it for a shorter while so i know it supports 1333 fsb)
I'd like too find out what processors it supports as its in a box & not in a system (got a asus p5q premium motherboard so no need too keep the acer motherboard in a test system heh)

I did also post a socket am2+ motherboard i think (might be with the other username i created because i thought i didnt have an account here at first. Mini-z1994)
Where i was missing cpu voltage adjustments in numbers rather then just having a (power saving) option which during higher loads still feeds the processor like 1.45v which is quite a bit higher then the 1.275 a am3 matx board can keep it stable at.
(10-07-2018, 09:18 AM)miniz1994 Wrote: [ -> ]What program did you use too scan for the microcodes btw ?
CBROM & hex-editor

Make new request for other motherboards.