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Full Version: Upgrading Toshiba L670 CPU
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Hi, I recently got a toshiba SATELLITE L670-1JP from a friend and i would like to know if it will accept my Core i7 640M from my other computer Toshiba L650-1CH, i already ask you and you replied me a year ago hat it will work with all arrendale cpu (Toshiba L650-1CH). It's almost the same computer, with the same GPU but the board is different so i'm asking you.
I didn't find the bios on toshiba website, product is discontinued and download section can't find this laptop (also for the L650-1CH, good job toshiba for old computers...)
Maybe this can help you, it's the computer page :
Current processor is i5-480M Processor and i want to upgrade with my I7 640M.
GPU is :  AMD HD 5650
I hope you can reply with that information, i've to replace all the thermal paste in this computer because it's overheating, too dangerous to power it for a too long time ( and my friend who give me the laptop never oppened it so i'm 99.9% sure it's dust and completly dry thermal past).
 I don't have a lot thermal paste left so I could only use the rest for the I7 640M and not be able to apply it to both (if you confirm that it is compatible)
Thank you Smile
BIOS has support for all CPUs with Arrandale core.
Glad to ear ^^
Thanks for your response, you are so fast Smile