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Full Version: i7 2860QM on Lenovo G770
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I'd like to know whether my old Lenovo G770 would support and upgrade to i7 2860qm. I saw a video on YouTube of someone who managed to successfully install an i7 2720qm in this laptop. Also, what would you advise with respect to the fact that this i7 has a higher TDP (45W) than the original CPU - i5 2450m (35W).

EDIT: My laptop's motherboard chipset is the Intel HM65.

Thank you.
I think that quad cores CPU will overheat this laptop.
To check it you need to stress current GPU and CPU simultaneously: run Furmark & LinX (with idle process priority).
Make screenshot of HWMonitor when GPU & CPU temperatures will stop rising.
Here they are Smile. Thank you!
Bad news. Your laptop is overheating.
Make similar test with LinX only. I need new screenshot of HWMonitor.
That's sad to hear, maybe it would help to get it cleaned again or changing the thermal paste.. I attached the restults with LinX only.
No. Only dual core CPUs are recommended for your laptop.
I'd like to ask you one more question, if I may: do you think the BIOS would support this CPU (I mean with respect to the whitelist)? Although I see it gets quite warm, I'd still like to try to upgrade it. Maybe I could try to find some custom cooling for the laptop?
No way.